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Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology
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Executive Committee
Executive Committee Key Responsibilities:
  • Serve as the primary leadership & governing body for all organizational and activity-related areas of the CCIR, including: development, execution, analysis, dissemination, marketing, advertising, billing and outreach.
  • Define, propose and support all of the strategic, policy, operational and expansion plans (and changes to these plans) for the CCIR.
  • Help guide, evaluate and implement technology-focused efforts of the CCIR.
  • Work directly with and help mentor CCIR staff, as needed, to resolve major operational and technical issues/concerns raised by the facility users.
  • Review CCIR’s progress periodically, including clients/utilization, policy/protocol/IRB adherence, and questionable operational/trial design requests.
  • Review feedback, budget, equipment and resources as needed to evaluate and to act on recommendations of the Operational Team, Physician Director and Advisory Boards, and delegating authority to implement changes.
  • Serve as the CCIR research review board to prioritize and optimize use of CCIR resources.
  • Identify and invite additional members/consultants to serve on various CCIR committees when expertise is deemed necessary;
  • Help promote, plan and provide final approval for CCIR seminar topics and speakers.


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